About Sølvgarden

Sølvgarden Hotell is the newest in tourism in Setesdal, and is strategically located in the middle of the valley, where vegans cross between east and west (Oslo - Stavanger) and north and south (Kristiansand - Bergen).

Welcome to Sølvgarden Hotell og Feriesenter

The host is the Rysstad family. Sølvgarden is a family business that has several family members working both at the hotel and at the silver workshop.

When you first see Sølvgarden Hotell, it reminds you perhaps most of all of a small fairytale castle. A little adventure in combination with Setesdal's culture and traditions gives an exciting interior and resilient decoration in good dialogue with modern facilities that we know you appreciated. The hotel has 23 rooms; single room, double room, family room and a beautiful tower suite spread over three floors.

Tradition for generations

Sølvgarden Hotell is a result of a determined effort from several generations of Rysstad. It started with a small campsite in 1960. Since then, it has been built up step by step. First a sanitary facility, then four cabins, and then an entire cabin park. The kiosk where you could buy ice cream and soft drinks was turned into a small restaurant, silver workshop and gift shop. Both Inger and Trygve Rysstad are trained as silversmiths with filigree as their specialty, and the family tradition before the subject dates back to the 1800th century. Often, three generations have Rysstad seated at the silver workshop when the orders were to be processed away.