Cycling, canoeing and the outdoors in Setesdal

Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter is located close to Otra, which offers many water activities and other outdoor experiences.

Here you have the opportunity to fish, swim and paddle. We rent out canoes, bicycle boats and SUP boards. Setesdalsheiane is great for those who like hiking in the woods and mountains.

Prices for canoe, bicycle boat and SUP:

  • 1 hour kr 199
  • 2 hours SEK 299
  • Full day (8 hours) ISK 600

Electric bike - Setesdal E-bike

The bicycles are linked together in a digital network and must be able to be used by both residents and visitors. The bikes are good and strong country bikes with a good range. The network is provided by the company Sharebike AS, which has developed a mobile app and a locking system that is used to collect and return the bikes at the 7 stations. You can read more here.

The stations are at these locations:

  • Mineralparken - Hornnes
  • Dølen Hotel - Evje
  • Troll Aktiv - Syrtveit
  • Revsnes Hotell - Byglandsfjord
  • BUA Bygland - Bygland
  • Sølvgarden Hotell & Feriesenter - Rysstad
  • Steep Outdoor Life - Valle