Restaurant & bar

A taste of Setesdal

With us, food should be an experience, and should also be able to be tasted with the eyes. We prefer to serve ingredients that are housed in nature's pantry or shipped by local producers. We call it tradition with a new twist, and as you can see we are talking about home-cooked food. Many choose the package we have, where the stay is spiced with local taste experiences and own cultural programs with some of the valley's proud tradition bearers.


Food for every day and party

The restaurant is open every day and serves ein rikhaldig menu, from the simple to the full à la carte menu. Me put great emphasis on food with roots in Norwegian food traditions and local food. Good food makes up not a given, it requires good ingredients and kjærleik to the subject. Silver Garden's restaurant has quickly wart EiT popular offer as well among rural people as visitors.

At Sølvgarden you can also be served Setesdal's unique Christmas food with fish / meat, turnip (turnip), spa (soup) and home-made lefse.

Large or small group, company or informal meeting; talk to us and we will create an experience for you based on the topic you want. We all have rights.

Opening hours:

Sunday-Thursday 12-20

Friday-Saturday 12-21

 Book a table on tel. 37936130 or send an e-mail to




  • Carpaccio
    Kr 155, -

    of elk from own forest. Serve with mushrooms, cranberries and balsamic vinegar. Bread and butter. (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat, sulfite)

  • Cream Fish Soup
    Kr 133, -

    Serve with bread and butter. (Contents: fish, milk, wheat)


  • Rjomegraut
    kr 225, -

    From Byglandsfjord. Serve with bacon, bacon sausage from Fjellgarden Hovden and home-baked flatbread from Valle. (Contents: milk, wheat)

  • Homemade moose chops
    $ 10, -

    The elk chops are made according to an old recipe in Sølgarden's kitchen. The moose comes from its own forest! Serve with sautéed vegetables and venison sauce. Boil potatoes. (Contents: milk)

  • Fjellburger
    $ 10, -
    Homemade burger of elk and deer, 160g. Served with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, cranberry dressing, fried red onion and mushrooms, and raw fried potatoes. (Contains: eggs, milk, wheat)
  • Classic Burger
    $ 10, -
    Homemade burger by Dexter from Brokke Naturkjøt, 160g. Served with cheddar, pickled red onion, salad, cucumber, our homemade burger dressing and french fries bistro. (Contents: milk, wheat)
  • Sølvgardens Herregårdsbiff
    Beef tenderloin, served with seasonal vegetables, cherry tomatoes and whiskey sauce. Free choice of potatoes. (Contents: milk, mustard, sulphite)
  • Homemade Jegerschnitzel
    Served with seasonal vegetables and mushroom sauce. Free choice of potatoes. (Contains: eggs, milk, wheat)
  • Ovenbaked salmon
    Served with kale, spring onions, cherry tomatoes and lime sauce. Free choice of potatoes. (Contents: fish, milk)


Boil potatoes - French fries bistro - Sweet potato fries
Baked potatoes - Creamed potatoes


  • Cover Stack Girl
    Kr 125, -

    Dessert of homemade apple jam, bread crumbs and cream. (Contents: milk, wheat)

  • Chocolate mousse
    K 138, -

    with oat crumble and raspberry coulis. (Contents: eggs, milk, wheat, oats)

  • Sorbé
    K 115, -

    served with warm forest berries. (Contents: sulfite)


12.00 - 14.00

  • Lunch plate
    Kr 165, -

    with fried eggs and bacon, served with salad, bread and boat potatoes. (Contains: eggs, sesame, wheat)

  • Sølgardens Sandwich
    Kr 179, -

    Chicken and bacon, au gratin with chevre from Haukeli, served on bread with cranberry pesto, ruccula and fried carrot. (Contents: milk, wheat)


  • Ham, Pepper Medium (30cm)
    Kr 210, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Ham, paprika Large (40cm)
    Kr 249, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Marinated beef, onions, peppers, tomatoes - Medium (30cm)
    Kr 215, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Marinated beef, onion, paprika, tomato - Large (40cm)
    Kr 255, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Pepperoni, Pineapple - Medium (30cm)
    Kr 210, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Pepperoni, Pineapple - Large (40cm)
    Kr 249, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame, wheat)
  • Minced meat, jalapeno, onion, paprika - Medium (30cm)
    Kr 210, -
    (Contains: milk, sesame, wheat, sulfite)
  • Minced meat, jalapeno, onion, paprika - Large (40cm)
    Kr 249, -
    (Contains: milk, sesame, wheat, sulfite)
  • Gluten Free Pizza - Medium (30cm)
    Kr 230, -
    (Contents: milk, sesame)

Extra meat or vegetables… NOK 12, -
Dressing… kr 30, -


  • Cream Fish Soup
    Kr 189, -
    with salmon, saithe and cod. Served with bread and butter. (Contents: fish, milk, wheat)
  • Sølvgardens Gardsalat
    Kr 185, -
    with chicken, bacon, pine nuts and chevre from Haukeli. Served with bread and butter. (Contents: milk, mustard, wheat)
    Kr 165, -
    Bacon zinc and bacon sausage from Fjellgarden Hovden, fruit and flatbread from Valle. (Contents: wheat)
  • French fries bistro
    Kr 70, -
    with aioli. (Contents: eggs)
  • Sweet potato fries
    Kr 90, -
    with aioli (Contents: eggs)

Smedens Bar

Imagine fifty years back in time. One gathering place in the village was Rysstad Landhandel, which was owned by Trygve Rysstad's grandfather. A timber building stuffed with interior atmosphere, and wallpapered with advertising posters. In Smeden's bar, we have created some of the atmosphere from that gong, and of course this has once again been the village's gathering place. The walls are clad with old materials with carved names, and the old advertising posters are in place.

Several times a year we arrange "Folk Music Pub", where you can bring your own instrument, and then there are games and music until the end of the evening. "Smedens bar" has all the rights, and in the hot season, many people have the outdoor restaurant - Smedens Terrasse - as their favorite.

Setesdal is rich in culture, nature and traditions. Both folk music, costume, silversmithing and food traditions are strong in the valley. Our guests can experience this up close to the body through our events. Throughout the year, we regularly have a folk music pub in the bar where local heroes perform with music and dance.