Setesdal Culture

Culture and traditions

The Setesdal Valley is rich in culture, natural surroundings and traditions. Folk music, local costumes, silver smith art and culinary traditions are deeply rooted in this valley. Our guests can experience all of this through our events. Throughout the year we have folk music pub in the bar where local heroes line up with music and dance. Every Wednesday and Friday in July we have “Norwegian Evening“. Then there are Norwegian specialties on the menu and folk music performed by Setesdal’s best performers.

The practice of stewing, dance and folk music from Setesdal has taken place on
UNESCO’s World Heritage List for Intellectual Art in 2019

Lunden Gard
Fiddle player and storyteller Gunnar Stubseid owns Lunden gard on Helle. Gunnar is a recognized player who has released several CDs, has a player’s prize and has been the principal at the Ole Bull Academy. Lunden gard is one of the gardens in Setesdal which has the most complete collection of buildings as it was in the old days. Lunden gard received the Aust-Agder County Council’s Building Protection Award in 2014.

Here our guests can get a “Taste of Setesdal” – through cultural walking, food and folk music. To Lunden gard you can come by car, bicycle, by boat, in canoe or horse and carriage.