The Smith’s Bar

Imagine turning the clock 50 years back in time. The village shop, Rysstad Landhandel, was a gathering place, and the grandfather of Trygve Rysstad, Sølvgarden’s present manager, was the owner. It was a log building brimming with a warm atmosphere, and the walls were full of advertising posters. In the Smith’s Bar we have re-created some of the atmosphere from that time, and naturally this is once again the gathering place in the village. The walls are covered in old woodwork with carved names, and the old posters decorate the walls.
Several times a year we organise a “folk music pub”, where you can bring along your own instrument, and then music is played all night long.
The Smith’s Bar is fully licenced, and in the warm weather season, the outdoor restaurant Smedens Terrasse – the Smith’s Terrace – is a favourite among many.